About Giving Circles

What is a giving circle?

A giving circle is a group of like-minded people who want to make a positive difference but don’t have the individual capacity to make very large gifts. They pool their donations together so that collectively their money has more impact.

A giving circle enables more choice and involvement for donors, letting them see close-up the results of their giving, and enabling them to make a bigger impact. This makes giving a more rewarding experience, letting everyday people experience some of the joys of philanthropy which are otherwise available only to those with substantial wealth.

Giving circles make big-dollar philanthropy possible for almost anyone.

What is Impact100?

The Impact100 model is simple. 100 donations of $1000 are combined to make one grant of $100,000. Each $1000 donor gets a vote in which charity gets the money.

What are the benefits of a giving circle?

Here are just a few of the benefits! For the donors:

  • Sharing the giving process with others and being part of a team
  • Having a say in where the money goes
  • Meeting fellow donors, expanding your networks and taking part in social activities
  • Learning about some of the fantastic, powerful and positive work being done by charities in your community

For the community:

  • Support for smaller organisations or new projects which might not otherwise get funding
  • Brings new money into the philanthropic sector, growing giving in Australia
  • Inspires and encourages greater community engagement and understanding
  • Shows that there’s power in numbers – philanthropy is not just the province of the super-rich!

Want more info? Check out this video on How to Start a Women’s Giving Circle, starring a bunch of fantastic Barbies (apologies to all our Kens!) Or email us – any of our team would be glad to answer questions.

Our grant strategy

Impact100Melbourne will make one major grant of $100,000 each year. Why just one major grant? We want this to be a significant grant that will have an extraordinary impact on the receiving organisation. This will take their organisation to another level by providing significant funding to advance their vision forward in a great leap.

Who benefits

Firstly, the grant recipients and the people or issue they support. Which we hope will have a ripple effect on the sector and community. But also you, as a donor. Being part of giving away $100,000 will be extremely satisfying and rewarding, and you will know that your money will have gone to your city, improving the quality of life for its residents.

What about the three that don’t win?

All four grant recipients who make the shortlist will receive a grant. Only one will walk away with the $100,000, but the other three will also receive some funds in recognition of the time and effort spent participating in our grants process. All four grant recipients will benefit from raised public profiles, potentially attracting additional funding. Any organisation unsuccessful in their application for an Impact100Melbourne grant may find new avenues of funding as a result of undergoing the review and selection process. Any media coverage will also take these organisations to a wider audience.

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